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Waterman Pro is the first online performance tracking platform designed for professional and amateur waterman. A global community of paddlers coming together and training smarter.

"Best Paddle Sports Training App!" - ☆☆☆☆☆

- Illustrated Sports


User Profile

Create a unique profile and share your progress with you friends and wold-wide network of paddlers

Track Performance

Compatible with your FitBit, Jawbone or Apple Smart Watch.

World Ranking

See how you rank in different disciplines amongst pro and amateur waterman around the world.

Premium Features

See the distances traveled with GPS Tracker Feature

Access customized training plans

Train and challenge others by sharing your stats on social media.

Paddling Stats | Tracker

Load your performance stats from your favorite fit wearable device. Compile an overview of your stats both from your indoor ergonometer session or your latest outdoor challenge all in one place.

World Ranking

Choose your paddling sport and see how you compare to paddlers around the world. Track, Train and Share your progress with others on social media.

Indoor | Outdoor

Train anywhere you want and track your stats. Go beyond your comfort zone and try a new paddling sport and see how you compare.

"Best way to keep track of all of your paddling stats and know how you stack up to the best in the world. Waterman Pro gave me a better sense of where I stand in my training and what I need to do to get better."

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